Motivating your Kids to Stay Tobacco Free!

Anti-Tobacco School Assembly Programs

Effective, Educational, and Exciting School Assembly Programs. Our Anti Tobacco Assemblies deliver positive messages to kids! High Action Bikes lets your students know that they can accomplish anything in life by remaining tobacco free.We also let your students know how we became successful by staying tobacco free. We let that know that one day they will be offered a cigarette or chewing tobacco. They must make the responsible decision to just say NO. We let them know that tobacco is highly addictive because of the nicotine that is added to it. We let your students know that smoking can have many harmful effects on their bodies, from cancer to emphysema. We let your students know that in the US 1 person dies every minute from the effects of tobacco. The best way to not get addicted to tobacco is to never try it.

We promote our Tobacco Free Campaigns to schools by performing a Pro Action Sports Show. Our Action Sports athletes have been promoting tobacco free campaigns all across the country at middle schools and high schools. Our performers also have heart breaking stories on why they shouldn't start smoking!


    Smoking is addictive. About Three quarters of young people who use tobacco daily continue to do so because they find it hard to quit.

    Smoking can kill you. Smoking cigarettes is the leading preventable cause of death in the USA. More than 440,000 people die from tobacco related causes each year. Most of them began using tobacco before the age of 18.

    Smoking puts your friends and family at risk. Each year approximately 3,000 non-smokers die of lung cancer from second- hand smoke.

  • The serious long term and immediate health problems that can arise from smoking:
    • lung cancer
    • emphysema
    • heart disease
    • decreased function of the immune system, which means increased susceptibility to disease
    • shortness of breathe
    • chronic coughing
    • bronchitis
    • reduced lung function
    • increased heart rate
  • They will have tar stained teeth and increase their chances of periodontal(gum) disease.
  • Chewing tobacco can lead to cancer of the mouth, jaw or tongue.
  • They will have bad breathe and their clothes will smell of smoke.
  • Once you start smoking it is very difficult to quit because nicotine is highly addictive.

    2011 SHOW PRICES

    1 assembly
    2 assembly
    Touring Areas
    Flatland $1099.00 *$1299.00 Midwest & East Coast
    Spine Ramp
    Box Ramp
    Midwest & East Coast
    * The 2 assembly price is for the same location on same date.

    Touring Areas: We perform our drug awareness assemblies in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Vermont, and Connecticut.
    Other areas may be considered if a full week of shows is booked.

    Save $100
    dollars off any of our school assemblies! Get another school within a 30 mile radius to book an assembly for the same day and both schools get $100 dollars off the regular show price.

    Book a School Assembly Online and we will e-mail a contract to confirm your date today.

    Or you can contact us about scheduling one of our exciting and educational school assemblies.

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    Our Extreme Sports Assemblies will help motivate your kids in staying tobacco free!
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