Bicycle Helmet Safety School Assemblies are an excellent way of educating kids on how a bicycle helmet can Save their Lives! Our 40 minute Helmet Safety School Assemblies Save Lives by delivering important bicycle Safety Messages to kids!

High Action Bikes Bicycle Helmet Safety School Assemblies are performed by Brett Banasiewicz, Rob Armour, Nick Harkins, Alex Landeros, Sean McElroy, Glen Salyers, and Kevin Porter and Tom Rokosz the midwest. Dialed Action Sports Team owner Brian Cunningham is performing bicycle safety school assemblies for east coast.

High Action Bikes bicycle stunt riders educate kids on bicycle safety while performing an exciting bmx stunt show that kids of all ages will love!
High Action Bikes performs our Bicycle Helmet Safety School Assemblies for elementary schools and middle schools in the midwest and east coast states.
Our Bicycle Safety Programs are also used in conjunction with bicycle rodeos, police departments, fire departments, and hospitals.

Our 40 minute high energy bicycle helmet safety assemblies
deliver important facts about bicycle safety and helmet safety. We let kids know that when we wear our helmets we feel safe when riding our bikes. BIKE HELMETS SAVE LIVES!

Be the first schools in the midwest to have South Bend, Indiana Pro Athlete Brett "Mad Dog" Banasiewicz
perform a Live show for your kids! Mad Dog placed 4th in the Bmx Freestyle Park at X Games 16! He was the youngest Pro Bike Athlete to compete in bmx freestyle park at X Games 16! Congratulations Brett!

Your Kids will be amazed to have Top Bmx Bike Stunt Riders perform for your school.
Our bmx bike riders have appeared on television competing at the X-Games and the Dew Action Sports Tour. Our extreme sports performers also compete at the Bmx Masters Worlds over in Cologne, Germany each year. The Bmx Masters Worlds is where our bmx athletes compete against other professional bike stunt athletes from all over the world.

High Action Bikes extreme sports athletes are Excellent Role Models for your kids
because they set goals at a very young age to become professional bmx athletes that travel the world. They contribute to the school assembly by letting kids know that they really can become successful and reach there goals. They let kids know that education is very important to there success! The performers also take extra time to answer questions that the kids and teachers may have!

At High Action Bikes we believe in playing it safe by checking your bicycle to make sure it is safe before you ride it. There are also certain rules you should follow when riding your bike. And most importantly you should wear a helmet every time you ride your bicycle regardless of your age. Our extreme sports athletes always wear a helmet when competing at contest or practicing at skate parks.

May is National Bike Month
Tom and Jacob sign autographs for kids  at a bicycle safety rodeo in michigan.
Helmet Safety
  • 167,000 bicycle riders visit emergency rooms with head injuries every year.
  • Each year about 1000 Americans die of bicycle related injuries.
  • About 750 bicyclists die from head injuries every year.
  • Of those 750 about half of the deaths are children under the age of 15 years old.
  • Head injuries include: concussions, bruises, cuts and brain injuries that may cause paralysis.
  • Wearing a helmet is not a fashion statement, it is a statement that you care about yourself.
  • Cracked or damaged helmets need to be replaced immediately.
  • Look for helmets that are approved for use on bicycles. 

    Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute includes other facts about why it is so important to wear a bicycle helmet.

    American Academy of Pediatrics "Tips for getting your child to wear bicycle helmets"

Dans Competition carries a wide variey of Bicycle helmets that come in many different styles and colors.

Rules of the Road
  • Always ride your bike with the flow of the traffic and do not swerve back and forth.
  • The 3 most common places bicycle accidents happen: driveways, streets and intersections.
  • What should be done at the 3 common places to help avoid a bicycle accident.
  • The proper hand signals for making turn and stopping on a bicycle.
  • Why you should walk your bike across an intersection.



High Action Bikes do a five point bicycle safety check at all elementary school assemblies.


High Action Bikes 5 Point Bicycle Safety Check

1. Check the bicycle tires to make sure they are properly inflated. Make sure the bicycle wheels are securely on the bike and they do not have any broken or missing spokes.

2. Make sure the bicycle handlebars do not move back and forth. Make sure the handle grips do not move.

3. Make sure the bicycle seat does not move.

4. Make sure the bicycle chain is not rusted. Make sure that it is not to tight or to loose. Make sure the pedals are on securely. Make sure the sprocket is not missing any teeth.

5. Make sure the bicycle brakes work. There are either hand brakes or a coaster brake. The left hand brake is for the front wheel. The right hand brake is for the back wheel. Always use both brakes together. Never pull just the left brake because this will make you flip over your handle bars. If you do not have hand brakes you will have a coaster brake that works by pushing backwards on the pedals. If you do not have any brakes your bike is not safe to ride.

1 assembly
2 assembly
Touring Areas
Flatland $1099.00 *$1299.00 Midwest & East Coast
Spine Ramp
Box Ramp
Midwest & East Coast
* The 2 assembly price is for the same location on same date.

Touring Areas: We perform our extreme sports school assemblies in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Vermont, and Connecticut.
Other areas may be considered if a full week of shows is booked.

Types of Educational Messages
High Action Bikes offers other assemblies that include a variety of positive messages to educate your kids. Schools can customize any of our important and positive memorable messages to fit any school assembly theme.
No Bullying Assemblies
Drug Awareness Assemblies
Healthy and Responsible Choices Assemblies
Red Ribbon Week Assemblies

Character Building

Save $100
dollars off your bicycle safety school assembly program!
Get another school within a 30 mile radius to book an assembly for the same day and both schools get $100 dollars off the regular show price.

Set up Requirements and steps to planning a High Action Bikes assembly.

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