High Action Bikes services have been utilized by Schools, Fairs, Festivals, Auto Shows, Motorcycle Shows, Corporate Events, Theme Parks and many other organizations for over 15 years! Below is a list of just a few of our clients that we have provided our services to over the years. Below that you will find references and thank you letters from some of our clients.
  • Rotary International Convention 2005-Chicago, IL
  • Field of Flight Balloon & Air Show-Battle Creek, MI
  • Muskegon Celebration 2005-Muskegon, MI
  • Port Huron Hospital Foundation-Port Huron, MI
  • MLB- Chicago White Sox
  • NBA - Chicago Bulls
  • Noah's Ark Waterpark
  • THe Beach Waterpark
  • S.A.D.D-Students Against Destructive Decisions
  • Bayfest-TX
  • Shrimporee Fest- TX
  • Atlanta Auto Show
  • ISCA- World of Wheels Custom Car Shows
  • SFX Motor Sports
  • Illinois State Fair- IL
  • Hopkinton State Fair-NH
  • 100th Anniversary Harley Davidson Celebration- Milwaukee
  • Mercy Medical Center- OH

Evaluation Form Results: Alto Elementary, Alto, MI

  1. Did the performers arrive on time? Yes, even a few minutes early
  2. Were the performers courteous? Yes
  3. Did the assembly have an impact on your students? Yes
  4. Were you satisfied with the content of the messages delivered? Yes
  5. Would you recommend High Action Bikes to other schools? Yes
  6. Overall, you would you rate this assembly compared to others? Excellent

Comments: Kept everyone's attention K-5; boys & girls, this is a difficult feat. Staff and students had a great time! We loved how you incorporated 5pt bike/ Helmet safety, nutrition, don't give up, just say no, ect... without being preachy. Your lessons fit nicely with your show & the students stayed focused. I believe our $ was well spent.
Thanks for an awesome performance!
Rachel Bowen & Everyone at Alto Elementary

Dear High Action Bikes,

Thank you so much for taking part in our Arcanum-Butler SADD Conference on March 20, 2006. We've gotten a lot of positive feedback from the students who attended. The highlight of the day was your performance. You particularly impressed the elementary students. I'm sending you an example of the cards and letters that the elementary students sent us. People like you who care about the decisions young people make will help make a difference in their lives. Thanks, again , and keep up the Good Work!


Jean Kelly, Advisor
Arcanum High School SADD

Dear Tom and Joey,

Just wanted to let you know what an inspiration your message was to our kids. They loved the bike tricks and they listened to your words!
Excellent assembly!

Michele Kirby
Pre-K Teacher
Bethalto Elementary School

One of the best assemblies ever! Great messages to the kids!!
Kelly Ricci
Pre-K Teacher
Bethalto Elementary School

Dear Tom and Jacob

Thank you very much for putting on the great assemblies for our school on September 29, 2005. The kids and adults really learned a lot. We also enjoyed watching you perform your talents. Your message was very comprehensive and appropriate. It' doesn't seem to matter how many times as teachers we have said the same things, it always means more coming from "cool" guys like yourselves.

Thanks Again,
Jennie Turner
4th Grade Teacher and Class

*Note: We also received wonderful notes from all the students in this class!

Dear High Action Bikes,

Thank you for the outstanding assembly you gave at Hurlock Elementary School. Our kids were thrilled to see the incredible stunts the three riders performed. My hands are numb and my voice is sore from all of the cheering I did. The kids sitting near me had a blast! It was like
having a three ring circus in our own gym. Thanks, again, for a wonderful performance and delivering such a great message to the kids for bicycle safety, staying away from drugs, tobacco, and alcohol, and staying in school! I would definitely recommend this performance for other
elementary and middle schools.

Paul Cooper
Hurlock Elementary School

Dear Tom,

We wanted to go big for 2004 and create a new extreme area, which used to be a parking lot, and with your High Action Bikes show, we accomplished just that. Thank you for breathing life into a new entertainment portion of our Fairgrounds. The crowds flocked for your daily shows and filled the bleachers for every show.
The team was a pleasure to work with throughout the 11 days of their stay. Each of the performers was courteous and put on a fabulous show each and every time they rode the ramp or dazzled us with flatland stunts. Thanks for helping to make our "X Factory" a huge hit!
Joshua E. Jacobs
Illinois State Fair

Dear High Action Bikes,

On behalf of MAADA , I would like to commend High Action Bikes for once again coming through in spectacular fashion at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution International Auto Show 2004.
Your show is unquestionably one of the great crowd attractions that our show has seen in its 22 year history. Your crowds were so large at times at our March event that we had to send show security to your feature area for crowd control.
I sincerely look forward to working with you and your staff at the 2005 Atlanta show. We generally try to change attractions annually; however, your show is the only one that we like to bring back year after year. You guys are definitely "low maintenance," which is a true blessing to auto show management.
Thanks again for all, Tom. I look forward to many more years of working with you and your fine show.
My regards,
Dave Tribble
Director of Media & Public Relations
Atlanta International Auto Show

Dear High Action Bikes,

I want to thank your company for its ultimate professionalism throughout our two day event. High Action Bikes is welcome back anytime.
Thank You,
Brooks Jordan
The Beach Waterpark
Mason, OH

Dear High Action Bikes,

We were really happy with your performance and enjoyed all of your stunts. Tom and the team were very professional and easy to work with. We hope you enjoyed MayFest! Thank you for participating in our event!

Missy Carson, Entertainment Committee
Fort Worth, TX

Dear Tom,

I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for helping make this years Balloon Festival such a success! I hope the new placement near the entrance worked for you. And that you got all the ice and water you needed. We look forward to next year!
Thanks Again,

Dawn Burroughs
Balloon Fest

Dear High Action Bikes,

We really appreciated you coming and sharing your stunts as well as your safety tips with us. The students and I were impressed with the stunts you did. We're are glad you decided to do the backflip and the extra bonus of doing it without hands! I'm sure that took a lot of work. The students really needed to hear about the opportunity they have to attend college and have any career they want. Many times our students don't realize what they can do because of their low economic status. Having professionals come in and talk about it helps tremendously! I'm grateful you took the time to come in and share with our kids the fascinating information that often times they only hear about or see on television.
Keep going to schools and sharing your talent!!

Miss Jill Young, Teacher
Lakeview Elementary
Lakeview, OH

Thank you, Tom, Steve and Justin,
Great Show!
Here is the article in today's paper!

Hoosier Hysteria took on a new meaning at the New Castle Fieldhouse last night at the New Castle- Blue River Basketball Game.
At half-time a ramp was rolled out the middle of the floor and a team called High Action Bikes brought the thrill of a new sport to our community. The bikes were like an extension of their bodies as they moved on one wheel or two and sometimes on no wheels at all. The guys were awesome, talented athletes, but they were also something more. These bikers believe in their sport and believe in our kids. When they put on a 45 minute demonstration earlier in the afternoon at the Middle School, Tom went around the gym asking kids- "What do you want to be when you grow up? What are your goals?" And Tom said he could have stayed and talked to them for hours. Because he really cares. And when he talks bicycle safety and staying away from drugs, it's the same message- You have a future. Your future counts. Don't mess it up! And yes, these guys speak to the kids in a language we parents can't begin to speak. It's not words. It's beauty of motion. I have never seen such enthusiasm from these kids until we saw the skills of the High Action Bikes Team.
Tom wanted to know all about our efforts to build a skatepark in New Castle. I told him we hope to build it at the end of April for our 5th anniversary of the Fun playground,
After the half-time show Tom, Steve and Justin stayed and signed autographs. The table was packed with kids of all ages and sizes waiting to have their programs, shirts, and anything else at hand signed by these skilled performers.
And as they left, the last thing Tom said to me was "We hope we helped your effort to bring a skatepark to New Castle. These kids deserve it." I think he's right.
Helen Steussy, MD
Chairman, Healthy Communities of Henry County
New Castle, IN


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