Effective, Educational, and Exciting Anti Bullying Assemblies. Our No Bullying BMX School Assemblies deliver positive messages to elementary and middle school kids!

High Action Bikes and Dialed Action Sports Team's anti-bullying school assemblies are a combination of important powerful messages while performing a Professional Bmx Bicycle Stunt Show assembly that children of all ages will love! High Action Bikes school performers tell there story of being bullied in school, and they let the kids know how to deal with a bully.
Our BMX stunt team use a method that we made up us called the 3 R's. The 3 R's to stop bullying are Recognize, Refuse, React. This is our simple way to help your students how to learn what types of bullying there is, why to refuse it and most importantly how to react to it by telling someone.

Just say no to bullying.

.No Bullying

Bullying is often the number one non-academic issue that most educators face, yet many educators have never taken a Professional course about bullying during their teacher training at university or during their time in the field. Bullying is typically one of the top education concerns of many parents.

Bullying is an on going problem at schools across the USA. It can make kids feel hurt, scared, sick, lonely, embarrassed and sad. Bullies might hit, kick, or push to hurt people, or use words to call names, threaten, tease, or scare them. A bully might say mean things about someone, grab a kid's stuff, make fun of someone, or leave a kid out of the group on purpose. Some bullies threaten people or try to make them do things they don't want to do.

Bullying Is a Big Deal

Bullying is a big problem that affects lots of kids. Three-quarters of all kids say they have been bullied or teased. Being bullied can make kids feel really bad. The stress of dealing with bullies can make kids feel sick.

Bullying can make kids not want to play outside or go to school. It's hard to keep your mind on schoolwork when you're worried about how you're going to deal with the bully near your locker. Bullying bothers everyone — and not just the kids who are getting picked on. Bullying can make school a place of fear and can lead to more violence and more stress for everyone.

  • How does it feel to be made fun of or have your feelings hurt by another person?
  • People do not want to work with people who have a reputation of being a bully or being mean.
  • You should always treat others the way you want to be treated.
  • Making fun of other doesn't make them look bad, it makes you look bad.
  • How to handle a bully.

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    Our Anti Bullying Assemblies teach kids important lessons on how to deal with a bully!
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