Red Ribbon Week Assembly that impact kids lives!

High Action Bikes Red Ribbon Week School Assemblies deliver positive drug free messages to kids. We incorporate a professional BMX stunt show that is performed by Pro Action Sports Athlete's.

Our Red Ribbon Week Assemblies include several Positive and Life Saving messages throughout the assembly.

Our Red Ribbon Week School Assembly delivers strong MOTIVATIONAL and POSITIVE messages
about setting and achieving goals, getting along with others, building character, staying drug free, and living a healthy and happy life. Our assembly performers speak to the kids about succeeding in life by remaining drug free and never giving up on their goals. Our school performers will Motivate Your Kids to focus on positive goals and dreams!

Our Effective and Educational Red Ribbon Week School Assemblies
lets your children know that they can accomplish anything in life by remaining drug free. We let your students know how we became successful by living drug free lifestyles. We let the kids know that there are many dangerous drugs in our society that are very addictive and even deadly. One day they will be asked to try drugs. They need to make the responsible and right choice by just saying NO!!!

Red Ribbon Week focuses on educating students about healthy and responsible choices, especially the choice to avoid drugs. The need for drug prevention efforts never diminishes. Each year there are millions of new students just starting their journey through school who have not yet heard the anti-drug messages expressed during Red Ribbon Week.
Our Red Ribbon Week Assembly is a great addition to any Red Ribbon Week Celebration. We always adjust the content of our assemblies to make it age appropriate.

High Action Bikes assemblies are performed at elementary and middle schools throughout the midwest and east coast states. We also perform at religious and private schools.

Your assembly will include:

  • 2-3 professional sports athletes/role models
  • 40 minutes per performance
  • P. A. system for addressing the audience
  • Ramp & Flatland Shows
  • Year-round Availability
  • Liability Insurance Certificate
  • Indoor or Outdoor assemblies
  • 1 Autographs-Posters-Free Giveaways

High Action Bikes offers other FUN and EXCITING assemblies that include a variety of positive messages to educate your kids. Schools can customize any of our important and positive memorable messages to fit any school assembly theme.
No Bullying Assemblies
Drug Awareness Assemblies
Bicycle and Helmet Safety Assemblies
Healthy and Responsible Choices Assemblies

Character Building

School Touring Areas:
We are offering our assemblies for schools in Chicago, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Vermont, and Connecticut

Red Ribbon Week DEA
Red Ribbon Coalition
Red Ribbon Week Resources

Drug Free Celebration for Red Ribbon Week.

1 assembly
2 assembly
Touring Areas
Flatland $1,200.00 *$1,400.00 Midwest & East Coast
Box Ramp
Midwest & East Coast
* The 2 assembly price is for the same location on same date. Prices may vary depending on your location.

Save $100 dollars off any of our school assemblies! Get another school within a 30 mile radius to book an assembly for the same day and both schools get $100 dollars off the regular show price.

Celebrate Red Ribbon Week with High Action Bikes.

Book a Red Ribbon Week Assembly Program for your school on October 22-30, 2011

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Our red ribbon week assemblies are  performed by Pro Action Sports Athletes.

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High Action Bikes has been Indiana's Leading Red Ribbon Week Bmx School Assembly Company for over 15 years!