BMX Stunt Show Area Requirements

(20ft by 120ft) - Launch Ramp shows

Indoor Shows

Our shows can be performed in gymnasiums, lunch rooms, auditoriums, or stages. Our shows are adaptable, and can be set up in many different ways. Generally we seat the kids on one side of the gym. We can also have your kids sit on both sides of gym. We just need your kids to be seated the length of your gymnasium. In some cases, some schools have smaller gyms, but we are capable of making it work.
Our shows are safe for school gymnasiums, and will not damage the floor.

Outdoor Shows
Our shows can be performed on any concrete or asphalt area. Performance area includes playgrounds, parking lots, or sidewalks or even grass.

Type of BMX Bike Shows

Launch Ramp Show (stunts performed on a ramp that can only be used Indoors or Outdoors)

Our bike ramps are very portable, ramps can easily be transported through any door way without removing the center column.

High Action Bikes provides professional P. A. Sound Equipment, high energy music, and wireless microphone for announcing shows. We just need access to one electrical power outlet for operating our P. A. system.
We use professional equipment

We use professional sound equipment

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