Magnum Peak Electric Mountain Bike

The Magnum Peak Electric Mountain Bike is one of the most high-end and powerful models on the market. With its compact design, good weight, as well as great control and performance, it is no surprise that this bike has suddenly become so popular over the past 18 months.


The Magnum Peak Electric Mountain Bike is a sporty, lightweight and powerful electric bike designed with professional riders in mind. The rugged 29″ or 27.5″ wheel provide added stability on the hill and blazing fast Pedal Assist offers incredible speed when riding on the flat. A 12K torque floor motor provides plenty of power to climb anything from steep climbs to dirt roads.

This electric mountain bike has more torque than you could ever imagine. The powerful motor just adds to the great performance of this fast and rock-solid rig. Its sleek body design is something to be prized, with it’s high-end parts assembled at the top Detroit bike manufacturer.

Pedal assistance one literally pedal and cruise on, no gears to find, go as fast or slow as you’d like. With a quiet ride from the electric motor giving you immense hill climbing power and great peace of mind when you hear something go boom with the semi-automatic transmission.

Magnum Peak Electric Mountain Bike Pros

• Power – The Magnum Peak offers great power for climbing and speedy off-road riding.
• Style – The Magnum Peak is sleek and stylish, making it a favorite among those looking for a top-of-the-line electric mountain bike.
• Components – The Magnum Peak is well-equipped with high-end components, making it a durable and reliable ride.
• Value – At just under $3,000, the Magnum Peak offers excellent value for the price point.
• Fun Factor – The Magnum Peak is a blast to ride, offering great power and control while on the trail.

Magnum Peak Electric Mountain Bike Cons

• Weight – Although the Magnum Peak is lightweight compared to other electric mountain bikes on the market, it still weighs pounds and can be hard to maneuver on inclines or off-road terrain.
• Range – Although the Magnum Peak offers good range for an electric mountain bike, it cannot compete with traditional mountain bikes when it comes to distance traveled.
• Pedal Assist Operation – While pedal assist operation is great for quickly accelerating and braking on the trail, it can be difficult to stay in pedaling mode when going uphill or downhills, often requiring backpedaling instead of riding


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