Magnum Premium 48v Folding Step Thru Electric Bike

Magnum Premium is a revolutionary folding electric bike which is specifically designed with professional grade features that will satisfy the most demanding of cyclists.


The Magnum Premium 48v is a folding electric bicycle that will get you places fast. This electric bike features a powerful German engineered electric system, a large display with 6 levels of assist, and a wide gel saddle for maximum comfort and reliability. The folding frame makes it an excellent commuter bike! The Rear Carrier also allows for easy storage, or even shopping trips when needed.

This premium battery powered folding folding bike was designed for operators who are looking for a quick, easy and efficient way of getting to work or school. The high step offers convenient sitting right before the ergonomic gel saddle. This bike has been well-received among professionals who need to commute as much as possible during their commutes.

If you are looking for a folding electric bike that is powerful and efficient, The Magnum Premium 48v Folding Step Thru Electric Bike is the perfect bike.

Magnum Premium 48v Folding Step Thru Electric Bike Pros

• The Magnum Premium 48 is a powerful folding electric bike that is able to get you where you need to go quickly.
• The folding frame makes this bike easy to store and transport, and the high step and low step options make it suited for a variety of riding styles.
• The large display with 6 levels of assist makes it easy to understand how the bike is performing, and the radial spokeless wheels provide a comfortable ride.
• The rear carrier helps to add extra carrying capacity to this bike, making it perfect for longer journeys.
• This bike is built with reliability and comfort in mind, making it a perfect choice for anyone looking for an electric bike that can power them through any obstacle.

Magnum Premium 48v Folding Step Thru Electric Bike Cons

• The price of the Magnum Premium 48 may be a little high for some budget-minded riders, although its powerful features are well worth the investment.
• Some riders may find the gel saddle on this bike to be too soft, as it can be prone to developing sores over time.
• Some users have complained that the battery life on this bike isn’t as long as they would like it to be.


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