Magnum Ui6 Electric Hybrid City Bike

The Magnum Ui6 is an electric hybrid city bike with a 500W motor peaking at 750W. It’s a great bike for commuting, but it also excels as an e-bike for recreational use. With wide tires, a beautiful design and an adjustable handlebar, the new Magnum Ui6 is designed with comfort in mind.


The Magnum Ui6 Electric Hybrid City Bike is designed with a sleek and stylish design while providing comfort and stability. This urban electric bike has an integrated 48V/ 13Ah battery housed in the downtube of the bicycle that provides for complete stability and even weight distribution. The 500W motor offers a peak power output of 750W to give riders a smooth, effortless experience on their commute or commutes lined with hills.

With the Magnum Ui6, you can get around town on your favorite bicycle. The Magnum Ui6 is a beautiful bike with adjustable handlebars and wide tires for comfort. This electric hybrid city bike has an integrated battery and a 500W motor peaking at 750W to make your ride comfortable.

It’s never been easier to commute with the gentility of an electric bicycle. The 500W motor provides for easy and passive ride, fighting against any uphill deathwish. Efficiency is the key with reduced noise and emissions for a smooth urban riding experience that won’t cause you to die at your desk

Magnum Ui6 Electric Hybrid City Bike Pros

• The Magnum Ui6 is an aesthetically pleasing bike with a very sleek design.
• The Magnum Ui6 offers great stability and weight distribution while riding, making it perfect for commuting or leisure cycling.
• The integrated 48V/ 13Ah battery provides ample power for extended rides.
• The 500W motor offers enough power to travel at a brisk pace without requiring assistance from the electric system.
• The Magnum Ui6 is easy to ride – even for those new to bicycles – and is perfect for those looking for an urban electric bike with a unique design.

Magnum Ui6 Electric Hybrid City Bike Cons

• Because the Magnum Ui6 features a wide tire, it may not be ideal for navigating narrow streets or paths.
• Because the Magnum Ui6 is an urban electric bike, it may not be as suitable for traveling long distances or trekking through rough terrain.


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