ProdecoTech Outlaw SS V4 Electric Bicycle

The stunning ProdecoTech Outlaw SS, one of the first muscle e-bikes on the market, was created to become the newest American icon. This Candy Orange Metallic version of the hot new Outlaw Series features a racy double-crown magnesium suspension fork, along with a high-powered Avid Elixir 5 hydraulic disc brakes and Avid 200mm HS1 rotors. The rigid frame of aircraft-grade aluminum is well suited for more aggressive riders, and includes frame mounts for water bottles and fenders.


The stunning ProdecoTech Outlaw, one of our most popular e-bikes, was born to become the newest American icon. With a top speed of 28 mph, this muscular machine delivers a range of up to 35 miles per charge, and is equipped with a 750-Watt rear direct-drive hub motor which produces 1200 Watts at peak output and will propel riders over any terrain. Capable of riding aggressively and comfortably in nearly any conditions you can think of, this bike has been engineered from start to finish to be an uncompromising workhorse.

The Outlaw SS is a muscle e-bike designed to do more than just ride and look good. It’s built for speed and agility and inspired by professional racing teams to help you break boundaries and rules. This electric bike has a solid magnesium suspension fork, rear direct-drive hub motor, 850 Watt/hour battery pack with a quick charge time, and maximum range of up to 35 miles per charge. The Outlaw SS’ frame is made of aircraft-grade aluminum that can take a beating from the toughest terrain and still get you home safely. With its double crown full suspension design, this bike ensures a comfortable ride even when your speed hits 28 mph.

Whether it is racing down a bike lane, traversing an unfamiliar mountain trail or biking through the city, the Outlaw SS will put you in complete control. The premium tech of this breakthrough machine lets your journey be smooth and efficient, with a power range up to 310 Watts in e-bike mode with a charging speed of 90% in 30 minutes on a single amp. You can also ride like the wind at 19mph on the 27x19x60 air disc wheels with 25mm internal suspension fork alone or jammed packs of Avid Elixir 9 hydraulic disc brakes throughout.

Few trends have impacted the sport of cycling like electric bikes. The ProdecoTech Outlaw SS is one of the newest e-bikes on the market and features a rigid frame made with aerospace-grade aluminum, in addition to a high-powered hydraulic disc brakes and premium hydraulic shifters and derailleurs. Modern design meets power in this sleek muscle bike hybrid.

ProdecoTech Outlaw SS V4 Pros

• Racy Design – The ProdecoTech Outlaw SS is one of the trendiest electric bicycles on the market, and its Candy Orange Metallic finish makes it stand out from the crowd.
•High-powered Brakes – The Outlaw SS features Avid Elixir 5 hydraulic disc brakes, which are powerful and reliable.
•Robust Frame – The frame of the Outlaw SS is made from aircraft-grade aluminum, which is strong and durable.
•Well Suited for Hill Climb – The Outlaw SS is well suited for hill climbs, thanks to its rigid frame and powerful brakes.
•Iconic American Brand – The ProdecoTech Outlaw SS is a iconic American brand, and its Candy Orange Metallic finish makes it look beautiful on the road.

ProdecoTech Outlaw SS V4 Cons

•Pricey – The price tag of the ProdecoTech Outlaw SS is high, compared to other electric bicycles on the market.
•Not as Fast as Some Other Electric Bicycles – The ProdecoTech Outlaw SS is not as quick as some other electric bicycles on the market, which might be a limitation for some users.



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