QuietKat FatKat Bandit Folding Electric Fat Tire Bicycle QKF750

QuietKat FatKat QKF750-IB is a folding electric bike with a built-in 350 watt motor and 3-speed internal drive system. This model features a custom carbon belt drive, Shimano front/rear disc brakes, Gates Carbon Drive System and front suspension. With its small footprint and foldable design, it’s perfect for commuters and urbanites alike.


Experience the most compact and portable electric bicycle on the market with the QuietKat QKF750-IB. Compact enough to fit in an overhead storage compartment on your airplane, train or bus, yet safe for operation off road in all weather conditions. The unique frame design minimizes frame flex and opens with a click of a button from its stored position ready to ride!

The QuietKat QKF750-IB has been designed and engineered to provide users with a compact, lightweight bike that is suited for off-road use. The QKF750-IB features an internal three-speed gear shift, with a folding steering column and folding frame, making it ideal for taking on the road or trails.

QuietKat FatKat Electric Folding Fat Tire Bicycle Pros

• Compact and easy to fold, making it perfect for commuters and city dwellers.
• Built-in 350 watt motor provides plenty of power for commuting or leisurely rides.
• Front suspension and Shimano brakes provide a smooth ride.
• Custom carbon belt drive provides great durability and performance.
• Gates Carbon Drive System provides excellent weight reduction and durability.

QuietKat FatKat Electric Folding Fat Tire Bicycle Cons

• The bike is not very fast or agile, making it unsuitable for serious racing or mountain biking activities.
• The battery can be difficult to charge, especially if you don’t have an electric outlet near by.
• It is not suitable for long distances or heavy loads, as the bike struggles to maintain speeds over longer distances.


QuietKat FatKat Electric Folding Fat Tire Bicycle Specifications

Max Unassisted Speed: 19mph
Motor: 750W Mid-Drive
Battery: 48V/11.6h Panasonic
Frame: 17”
Brake: Hydraulic Disc
Fork: Suspension
Wheel/tire: 20”x4”
Gearing: 3-Speed Internal
Power Transfer: Carbon Belt
Dimensions (Open): 70” long x 47” high
Dimensions (Folded, lying flat for storage): 40” long x 18” high x 34” wide


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